How to Recover Hacked Facebook | Twitter | Email Password by Tab Napping Attack

How to Hack Facebook | Twitter | Email | Gmail | yahoo | hotmail Password by Tab Napping Attack

Hello MY Reader Today I'll tell you how the hackers access your account . its New way of Hacking the Facebook | Twitter | Email Password by Tab Napping." so then Tap napping is new n latest phishing attack .its most interesting than the normal Phishing attack.

Before you start tap napping learn the simple phishing attack

Tab Napping is really nothing else but Phishing But Tab Napping is the far more interesting than Normal Phishing.

What is Tab Napping?

The Tab Napping is the new hacking trick through which Hacker can't directly hack Facebook | Email account and Hackers will be using the phishing method with the  tab napping then the hackers can hack account. Actually Tab Napping is the script which hackers put into the site and when the Victim visit hacker website/blog and then read hackers article or play the game or watch the video and when the user Go to the other tab in a browser which contain the other website like Facebook, YouTube, Google etc.

then finally came back to hacker website then hacker website will be the redirected to phishing page and then telling them to login with Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo account to continue .When Victim enter the login information then they will be back to Hacker page and the user password will be send to the hackers..

Now, Let’s start the Tab Napping Tutorial.


First you need the free web hosting. If you don’t have so make account in free web hosting For Download Free web hosting File 


Now you need Tab Napping Files .no problem I make for your files Download from Here Download tap napping


Now extract the File 


Go to the Web hosting account then create the new Directory there

NOTE: this is Directory will later become to the victim which name Hardest Game Ever

So if you create the link then you can upload all the files included it the tab

Note: For a Folders of Facebook, images and js create the new directories in an existing new directory that you made of Hardest Game Ever.


I will be using the and then upload files to the hardest Game Ever Directly like this

Free hosting website hacking


So finally all steps done if first check the files are working properly
Now First to test if the Files are working correctly or not you should do this Game Ever
Photo like below
hack facebook password picture free


Now give the Url to the Victim and tell him that . Dude I bet you can you play a game with me so then finally after some time Facebook Login open popup Like Below

yahoo gmail hotmail password hacking picture


Now login the web hosting go to the password.html to see the passwor.

How can you protect From Hackers from this tap napping Attack?

Here some point to save from the tap napping please make sure about the link when you before enter the email and password. to to always login from the HTTPS:// and confirm the link form the

This is just for Educational purpose. I will not be held Responsible in the anyway if it’s used for the Crime. I myself do not the encourage hacking in anyway.

Warm Regard's

Noman Ramzan

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