How to Recover Facebook | Twitter | Email Password With Latest Keylogger Software

How to Hack Facebook | Twitter | Email Password With Latest Keylogger Software 2015

Today I am sharing very interesting topic that how you can use the keylogger to hack to the Anyone’s Facebook Account | Email .There are a lot of keylogger in available in the market  you can choose your in choice to hack Facebook.


Keylogging is an Method that every stroke pressed By the Victim or User Of any Computer is recorded. The key-logger can perform the other things also like monitoring , screenshot etc etc.

Two Types of a keyloggers:

1.hardware keyloggers:

Its not use for this Method.and it’s not for the Facebook hacking purpose  

2. Software keyloggers:

Software key-loggers are the type of malwares.
The software keyloggers also two types :

11. Local keylogger

22.Remote Keylogger

The two different method to hack the Facebook Account Or Password
The first one is local keylogger install on the computer then the keylogger store all the key which is press by the user.
The Remote keylogger is monitor the computer that if is far away us, so The think is that you can monitor from anywhere you have internet access .

So finally you something know about the keylogger , what is that and type .there are a lot of keylogger available in the internet  Emissary keylogger , Ardamax keylogger
Sniperspy keylogger ,Elite keylogger and REFOG keylogger etc etc .its your choice you can choose that  but today I have to share Emissary Keylogger is very easy to use now lets start.

Importance's Features of Emissary Keylogger:

    there is a five following function . 

It Can mail all the Key strokes including the login details
It Can send screenshots of  a victim’s Screen
It Can Block  the Virus Scanning Websites on a victim’s computer
It Can Disable Task Manager on a victim’s PC
It Can Disable the Regedit on victim’s

The working of the This keylogger will mail you all the saved password on the victims PC to your selected email account its also send the Screenshots, ,visited websitesm opened window details and much more. Important think the most of the antivirus are familiar with this keylogger so then kindly Temporarily turn of your antivirus

Requirements:(Iimportant )

Step 1: 

Run the ‘Emissary.exe’ file and then enter your Gmail account details ,  so then that the password and other information of your victim can mailed to you. If you are the afraid of Entering your Gmail Account details, so then do create Another Account .

facebook gmail yahoo hotmail hack with keylogger

Step 2:
So now you Enter your ‘Gmail account’ Details and the Click on ‘Test’ to test a connection of your Gmail Account.  Now In a Server name Field you change the Name if you CAN. Enter any Time Interval in a interval field like 25. This timer control a time interval between two the  keyloggers to the emails. Now You can also show  the fake Error message to the your Victim when he clicks  on your server.exe file. If you you do so enter the error title’s and description in a ‘Fake Error Message’

facebook gmail yahoo hotmail hack with keylogger


Now after filling all the  required fields Click on the  ‘Build’ button so This will Create a another file called like server.exe in a same directory.


 Now its final step you can send this file send this server.exe you’re victim and then the victim must install it on his computer. So this is trick you can crypto or Binder so that its easy for you like mp3 file. So then the server automatically install this software , it’s a free software so you can’nt send the file .exe do you want winrar .

facebook gmail yahoo hotmail hack with keylogger

 If the winrar in not so download winrar free

Last Step:
If the victim run the sent keylogger file on his computer so then the software search all the username and password as well so then finally the software mail you all the passwords ,screenshot etc etc 

facebook gmail yahoo hotmail hack with keylogger

IMPORTANT NOTE : try to your on risk’s .it’s just for the Educational purpose 
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