How To recover Facebook Password With Primary Email Without Software

How To Hack Facebook Password With Primary Email Without Software 2015

Facebook is the 1st social network in the world . Now a Days mostly People Account hacked Then They don't Aware of the hacker tricks that how they can access the account. today i have to share basic trick which is mostly using by the hacker to Hack the Facebook. so then in my point view you should know about the Hacker's Tricks , So If the hacker hacks your Gmail ,Yahoo And Hotmail account which you're  using as  the  primary email address so then the hacker can easily hack the Facebook password  or Facebook Account using your  "Forgot Your password"  

Then He will be simply ask for Fb to send password Reset Email to a primary Email Address so then the Email Address is Already hacked then finally the hacker send the security Question to the Email then The Hacker can use your Email hack Easily your Facebook account password .

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The user of the Facebook like you made only one email so then that Email is your primary Email as well so then this Email you should give to the Friends or Other Person to take Assignment ,project file,photo,Document etc etc . so then the think is that You're Email is Common so the Hacker can Easily Access You're Facebook Account by this Trick :) 

CHECK Your Primary Key For Facebook:

So, guys as a Security Researcher it's my  request to all of  you please don't tell the Primary Email to anyone and try to keep unknown form hacker and you're friend :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t use this tricks for any wrong Intention. This is a shows the major loophole in the Facebook’s Security Or Email Security  then the hacker use this Tricks .

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