How to Hide Files(Steganography) in the Photo | MP3 | Video and Email Free

 How to Hide (Steganography) Files in the Photo | MP3 | Video and Email Free with free latest software

 What is the steganography?

The Steganography is defined as the art of science that the hiding information and data or the messages in any new image. There are lot of advantage of the steganography is that. Those who are outside a party and even do not realize that the some sort of a communication is being to be done.
Steganography have some function that comes in the different forms which is used the many people to hiding the information that show is below
  1. Hidden information in the Text Files
  2. Hidden information in the Image Files
  3. Hidden information in the Document Files
  4. Hidden information in the Video Files
  5. Hidden information in the Audio Files
  6. Hidden information in the E-Mails 

How to Hide the File behind an Images:

This s-tool is the steganography tool that hides the files in GIF, WAV and BMP files behind the picture. just take your any file and put on the image then give your password then send to any where . no your hidden file ready to send to any person.

How to Hide the File behind an Images:

Steganography to download the software

The Document Steganography hide you file in the document:

Merge Streams shows you that how to the merge MS Word streams and the MS Excel Workbook stream. It can hide a MS Excel document inside the MS Word document or the vice a versa. If you wish to the transparently hide some documents inside the old financial reports and this is just for you. And it does not the implement any crypto and is not to secure enough, but is very smart trick.

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How to Hide the File behind Audio [Audio Steganography]

Mp3stegz is the application that applies the stenographic (steganography) algorithm that in mp3 files and this software Mp3stegz will maintain the original mp3 files size and a sound quality. Then The hidden message is compressed and then encrypted easily.

How to Hide the File behind Audio

CLICK HERE to download the software

How to Hide the File’s behind the Video (Video Steganography)

This software name is Our Secret (formerly Steganography) and lets you hide your text files or files that such as video, image, audio and others in the file. It is designed to all the files hide and send your sensitive message or files.

How to Hide the File’s behind the Video Steganography

Our secret Download to download the software

How to Send the Hidden Text in the Mail (Email Steganography)

The Spam Mimic

How to Send the Hidden Text in the Mail (Email Steganography)

The Spam Mimic to visit the website .

What is the use of Steganography?

There are many ways to conceal information using Steganography. The most common method is by embedding information into digital images. We all know that digital images say, a JPEG image, contains several megabytes of data in the form of pixels. This allows some room for someone to embed steganographic information within the digital file. With the use of steganographic applications, a hacker alters the least significant bits of the data file and embeds a malicious code into the image. Once the targeted user downloads and opens the image file in their computer, the malware is activated. Depending on its programming, the malware can now open a leeway for the attacker to gain control over the user’s device or network. The danger of Steganography is that the difference between the original image and the steganographic image is subtle and the two cannot be distinguished by the naked eye.

Is Steganography still used?

Yes, Steganography is still popular among cyber criminals. Recent attacks show that security researchers found a new malware campaign that used WAV audio files to hide their malware. It is believed that the attackers used Steganography to embed the malicious code inside the WAV audio file.

3 Techniques used in Steganography

1. Least Significant Bit

In this Steganography method, the attacker identifies the least significant bits of information in the carrier image and substitutes it with their secret message, in this case, malicious code. When the target downloads the carrier file, they introduce the malware into their computer which allows the attacker access to this device and the hack begins. Cybersecurity professionals commonly use sandboxes to detect these corrupt files. However, black hat hackers have invented various methods of bypassing sandboxes like sleep patching. Sleep patched malware is not easily detected by the sandbox since it poses as benign and buys time while studying the timing artifacts of the sandbox and executes when the sandbox is vulnerable.

2. Palette Based Technique

This technique also uses digital images as malware carriers. Here, the attackers first encrypt the message and then hide it in a stretched palette of the cover image. Even though this technique can carry a limited amount of data, it frustrates threat hunters since the malware is encrypted and takes a lot of time to decrypt.

3. Secure Cover Selection

This is a very complex technique where the cyber criminals compare the blocks of the carrier image to the blocks of their specific malware. If an image with the same blocks as the malware is found, it is chosen as the candidate to carry the malware. The identical malware blocks are then carefully fitted into the carrier image. The resulting image is identical to the original and the worst part is that this image is not flagged as a threat by detection software and applications.

These are just but a few methods by which black hat hackers frustrate ethical hackers using Steganography. Steganography allows attackers to operate in stealth mode while conducting a serious attack. Most of these attacks are zero-day exploits which give threat hunters sleepless nights. Some preventive measures against Steganography include the deployment of security patches, updating software, and educating end-users.

Receiving ethical hacking training from EC-Council will equip you with the knowledge and skill to learn how the adversaries are breaking into networks and wreaking havoc. Once professionally trained, you will receive the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification. This will show organizations that you are well-versed in over 340 attack technologies that are commonly used by black hat hackers and white hat hackers, alike.

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