How To Increase Facebook Page Like | Post Like Free just in 10 Minute

 How To Increase Facebook Page Like | Post Like Free just in 10 Minute

Facebook is the leading social network which is among top 10 website .so its global Alexa rank is 2. So the most of the user want to some trick how to use it , how to increase page like ,how to increase post and lot more .so then you can share your link to your friends and family and then you request that Please like my page so its very difficult for you so here it’s very simple trick how to increase a page, post and photo like increase. So then lets start.

What is addmefast?

Addmefast is a promotional website so that user can increase Facebook like , Facebook followers , Facebook post like , Facebook post share and lot more

How to use this method and increase Facebook likes.


Signup a free account and go to addmefast and register yourself with the correct email address because the addmefast verify your account from your email. go to the website.

How To Increase Facebook Page Like | Post Like Free

Step # 02:

Then this is a important step sing in to your account then you have get more point to increase you points these point help to increase your like and the more you can earn point .  The extra point like you will get
Following the list service

1.      1.   Facebook Likes
  1. Facebook Subscribers
  2. Twitter Follow
  3. Google Plus Circle
  4. Google Plus one
  5. YouTube Subscriber
  6. YouTube Views
  7. Pinterest Followers
  8. Sound Cloud
  9. Stumbleupon Followers
And lot more .like below .

increase free facebook twitter google+ followers and likes


Adding Facebook Page or other Site so Now when you have some amount of earned points then you will add your Facebook Page , subscriber , Facebook post like and Facebook post share  etc etc . So click on the  Add Site/Page  and present on the left side of your Screen.

increase followers and likes facebook twitter google+ free

  1. Type; in the section select on which social website’s you want to get the followers since you are using it to increase the Facebook likes so then you will select ‘Facebook Likes’ then you can select anything according to your choice
  2. Title; Enter a title of your page. It’s your choice to take any tittle.
  3.  Site/Page URL; insert the URL of Facebook page or its your choice 
  4.  CPC; Here you have to select that how much point’s you want to give the person who will like your page or post. If you select 1 to 4 then your page like very slowly and if you select 5 to 10 then increase you like faster.
5.      All Done; Now Save it and you have done all steps completely after few hours you will see that increase in your Facebook likes. Don’t worry that your point is finish then you can earn the more point by liking other pages. so continue starting  and increase your page like
      So if you any problem or any query so then ask me .thanks for reading.
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