How To Save | Secure Personal Email | Account From Hacker's

How To Save | Secure Personal Email | Account From Hacker's latest tips

Today Hacking is the becoming normal and then Many people are suffering from the great lose by losing email accounts. so email is very important because the very important data in a email like over PayPal account , important document etc etc . so in the same way Facebook hacking is common . in my previous article I should try to deliver that how to save Facebook from hacker’s . 

so the most of people losing there thousands of dollar lose by Email .the most of the person thing that the hacker attack on email with the software , java script etc etc . so try to save your email from hacker like Yahoo , Facebook , Hotmail and Gmail .so today I will tell try to help you that how to save your email from black hat hacker.

Before I am starting that its depend on you that you can save your email or help to the mr hacker to hack the email .so most of the person common let start
STEP # 01
When someone send you the link so then kindly Don’t try to open any fake link to open your account. Is someone sending some link so please try to check that the link? So      click here 

hacked gmail yahoo hotmail help me

STEP # 02
Use the unique password for your each email. So it’s good for you. So kindly changing your password as your own choice after one month.
STEP # 03
Always set the security questions and then remember their answer. warning don’t choose the simple security question.
Step# 04
.Always set the confirmation email and then you can recover your account password even the hacker change the password. Don’t tell to any buddy your email.
Step# 05
Always attach your cell number with the email because if the hacker hacks your email or password. So then you can easily recover your account.

How To Save Personal Email | Account From Hacker's
Step# 06
To maintain the security it is the better idea for user to log in and after completed work so then have them to log then your password not hacked
Don’t use the public computer because it’s unprotected.

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