How to The Recover Your Friend’s Facebook Account By Trusted Friend

 Latest Trick 2015 How to The Hack Your Friend’s Facebook Account By Trusted Friend

Millions of people are they talking about a How To Hack Facebook Account  That how to Hack a Face book Account. But after the long search a few Person are able to do so that who have much knowledge About HTML coding and professional in Facebook pays a lot of the money to it’s security employees and then experts to reduce hacking of accounts Easily. But hackers have gained the super rage in IT markets and they have the unleashed a trick to hack Facebook account . This trick is not the funny or fake at all.

Later on I will posted many articles on "Hack Facebook Accounts" with the key loggers, phishing, social Engineering  Attack ,Using Cookie etc but that Hacking Of Facebook Accounts methods are not working fine the now a days. So Hackers have to go the smarter and we have found the new security hole (it’s just a trick) in the Face Book. So now you can Hack Face book easily. Now we can hack the Facebook online with the help of the new password recovery feature of a FB. So keep on reading about this new way for hacking. 


So now here we are going to the misuse this trick to Hack Facebook Account. So now you have to just create 3 the fake Fb accounts then have to send a friend request’s  from  
those 3 fake accounts to A victim. SO Victim must accept those The friend request OR Contact with your Friend who give you the security code. Now we can use   "THE Three Trusted Friend" feature’s to reset A victims' Face book account password.

Important Note: The 3 fake account’s must be the  7 day older, then otherwise this Facebook Hack will be not work 
After this, so now you are able to the hack your Victim Friend’s Face book Account easily so now just follow These steps given below

Step To The Step Guide That How to a hack Facebook account


The, Now click on The Forgot Facebook Password button like below. Now Facebook system will show you the three solutions to recover your or Victim  password  and then now you have an 
1. Email,phone or Facebook username2. Your name and A friend’s name

If you know anything so enter  there or GO the victim profile link so just copy the username like min and  thencopy just nomanramzan91  
and paste in Email,phone or Facebook username

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Now After that,yoy click on the No Longer Have Access to These 
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Then, you can enter a New Email Address which has not to be the used with Any Facebook Account which earlier and then click on a Submit button to proceed to a next step and now You will be a asked for a security question answer. Then If you know the answer then it’s perfect and if you don’t know then fill it with wrong answers 3 times

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After these submission or giving the wrong answers, then Facebook Security will show the TRUSTED FRIENDS feature for recover a account
Then Click on a Continue button

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Then, it will ask you to the select 3 Friends (Now select Friend or your 3 Fake Account’s Name’s) from a shown list and then
  click to the  Continue button after each time you select the selectionAfter the above all step, then Facebook have to sent the security codes to a each of the 3 accounts which you have selected Then, Now Login to each of a 3 accounts or ask to friend and note this security’s codes manually and then the fill them in a proper manner ( If they were not found in  a Inbox then check a Spam Folder)


Now, then Password Reset Email has been sent to a new Email provided by you given the id previous That’s final it! You are done the successfully Hacked a victim Account, Now, you have to the  access to your  Friends and Victim Account .


Don’t use this for any personal or wrong intention. now This shows a major loophole in a Facebook Security and then the Mindhunter techniques of the Black Hat Hackers.

Noman Ramzan

Noman Ramzan is a Security Researcher, SEO Expert, Penetration tester, Blogger, Google AdSense publisher and Social media marketing and well functional Web Developer.


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pardha said...

Try this trick to get password easily

pushp baliyan said...

bro can u just help me out coz the option which u mention above didn't showing in my case.....

pushp baliyan said...

bro can u jst help me out coz i add three friends bt those option which u mention above doesn't shown in my case so pls can u tell me the way of succesfull hacking

Anonymous said...

the friend
request OR Contact with your Friend
who give you the security code.

kis security code ki baat ho rhi hai said...

Great Tips..Thanks for sharing bro

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Ngọc Điệp Hoàng said...

thank you! rem re:

Ngọc Điệp Hoàng said...

thank you! rem re

Anonymous said...

Hey frnds i tried but when the security question comes then i tried and gave wrong answers but it didnt took me to the 3 truested frnd list.... help me to hack this user of fb KnoweBeenReyan
plz change the password and send it to

I really need this plzzzzz... i beg u sir plzzzzzz.

Anonymous said...

i want to hack a facebook account but that person is not in my friend list.
and i dont want to send him/ her a request. i want to hack without changing his password.
please tell me how to do it. please reply me on
Thank you

hackertr said...

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Anonymous said...

Can anyone just do me a favor?

Anonymous said...

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muslim hackerz said...

Muhammad Noman said...

Yes How can i help you

Muhammad Noman said...

yes you are Right and you know that Facebook always change there policies and update Facebook security and everything .

Anonymous said...

i am umER i want to hack my cousin fb can u help me

hackertr said...

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moreno07051976 said...

try this one i found it good way

Unknown said...

in 6th step i put password again nd again but they dont gave the option tht recover ur account through friends? please help

Anonymous said...


Hack Anything! said...

Wow nice trick :)
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Unknown said...

its actually not working out at last step :( now they kept three steps for choosing three friends in each and every step they are shuffling the friends list so its quite difficult :(

Obat Penggemuk Badan said...

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Bharat Chandra said...

after you enter password three times we don't get what you show...i get u r entering too often please try later

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

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