Latest 2015 Recover | Hack | Bypass Window Password With Konboot free

Latest 2015 Recover | Hack | Bypass Window Password With Konboot free

Today i am sharing lit bit interesting trick that How To Hack or Bypass Window Login Password for window 7 | XP | Vista | 8 Free. Some time you forget your password and you don’t have any idea to bypass a password. So most of the internet user o member not aware of this trick .so when you access someone or your own computer so then you cannot easily bypass the login window password. Some time we can go to a forget window password to recover the old password but its lit bit difficult. 

Recover Hack Bypass Window Password With Konboot

So this is my new tutorial for the beginner and I will try to show you that how to hack o bypass window password. It’s working on the all kind of the window’s operating system like Vista, XP, 7 and here is just simple and very easy trick to bypass the window login password. Some of the most difficult software to bypass the window login password .so let’s start with the just simple tricks and there are some following steps below.

STEP # 01:

Download the simple n easy software kon boot v1.1 software Download

STEP # 02:

Then simple you can enter a USB into your computer USB HUB then format it with the fat32 option and ticked quick format during the format. Like below

how to recover window password

STEP # 03:

 Enter the USB thumb device and the open Directory 1. Konbot 1.1/ Konbot 1.1/konusb like below and then you can see in the image like below run the file 2. konbootinstall   then finally command prompt open . Then Give your usb disk drive like picture below is 3. H. 
Bypass Window Password With Konboot

STEP # 04:

Then open your USB and check that the software is installing or not like below 

crack windows 7 password and crack windows password

STEP # 05:

 Now finally shutdowns the laptop o computer you want to bypass the login password and then open a boot option on a startup with USB.

STEP # 06:

 Then you will be sending the by laptop or computer to the login page where user put the password and username its bypass easily finally you done.

Important Note: 

Don’t try to hack or bypass any computer. It’s just for the Educational purpose or if you forget the password then how to recover your password .
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Anonymous said...

thanks its very easy now i was recover my password cheerz

Anonymous said...

but first of all we know password to do above stuff.right?
innocence first of all we entered in os

Noman Ramzan said...

No need to know password

Anonymous said...

how to hack admin account using limited account

hack said...

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