How to Find Vulnerabilities with web vulnerability scanner tools XSS , SQL

How to Find Vulnerabilities with web vulnerability scanner tools

Website security is a big problem now a days and lot of security researcher find vulnerability and got a Gift, hall of fame, acknowledgments and bounty. So in same way black-hat hacker use these bugs to exploit the website (Hack website and easily access all secret data like credit card, important data and email). 

top vulnerability owsap 2013

If you running a website and your Google PageRank, Alexa rank or you are from organization so website Security is very important for you or if you are security researcher this tutorial also important for you . I have already explained in my previous tutorials how to find vulnerability manually in a website. So now today I am going to start How to find vulnerability with Different website scanner software. So let’s start

Common website vulnerabilities:

There are lots of security flaw in a website but most common vulnerability now days mention below

·         XSS (Cross site scripting)
·         SQL injection
·         Remote File inclusion (RFI)
·         Local File inclusion (LFI)
·         CSRF
·         Remote code execution
·         Full Path
So many other’s bugs

List of web scanner software

There are lot software’s available on internet to find different types of vulnerabilities. So few are good for newbie

Netsparker website security scanner:

 Netsparker is a commercial tool and this is my favorite tools and this is also good for newbie and this is designed to find a different types of vulnerability like Cross site scripting (XSS) , SQL , LFI, RFI , RCE and so many others so use this tools hopefully you get good result. 

Vulnerabilities web vulnerability scanner tools

Acunetix website application security tool:

Acunetix is also my favorite tool to find different type vulnerability and its automatically scan all the website for XSS , SQL , LFi , RFI and other security flaw .
Acunetix is one of my favorite tool to find a venerability in any web application It automatically checks your web applications for SQL Injection, XSS & other web vulnerabilities.

so there are also lots of web vulnerability scanner tools . if you have any problem in this tutorials so then comment below
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