how To Change Facebook Theme, Color and style latest

Change Facebook Theme, Color and style

Let’s today talk about something new and interesting, do you like the custom old Facebook look? I don’t think so well the new one? Might a bit, hmm what if you can change the theme by your choice? Wouldn't be a great thing? Yes it might be. So today let’s just talk about how can we change our Facebook profile theme and how to make it a bit Fancy. 

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Facebook is one of the best Social Communicating Website while it is the most used and wanted website so far ranking at number 2 over the world, well that’s amazing. One thing about Facebook is that each and every year it comes out with new styles of Profiles and most of them are liked but some aren't and you want to change it but don’t know how to change it. So today I am going to tell you that how can you easily change your Facebook theme and Color?

Now there are only few people of People who merely know about trick well if you are one of them you won’t be now so longer, follow the steps to get the Theme and color changed of your Facebook Profile.

how to change facebook themes

Steps to change Theme of Facebook

     1-    1st Go to Google Chrome Web store and Install stylish from there.

     2-    Now go to and Click on S button in the Chrome

     3-    To get Free Facebook Themes, click on “Find styles for this site”

     4-    Now many of the themes would be appearing there, select the best one and click on          preview to have an idea

     5-    If you like the theme, click on Install with Stylish button check your Facebook new  theme, if you don’t like it you can preview it or change it again.

So you can see it was never easy before. 
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