How to use PayPal in Pakistan | Verified Paypal account in Pakistan

How to use PayPal in Pakistan | Verified Paypal account in Pakistan 

If you guys reading this post, I am directing towards you, many of you guys know about PayPal and even though know the importance of PayPal account for us, especially the young people or the online workers, they exactly know how they use PayPal and how it is exactly to them. 

How To Verified Paypal account

People who work online require having a PayPal account because it is now the most convenient way of transferring funds from one person to another globally but unfortunately the bad thing goes upon some countries where one cannot use this service because it is banned there, in list of those country Pakistan is also included.

People who work online from Pakistan are in very hard need of PayPal account because as they are earning online they need to withdraw money from the client but how they can? When the client has only the way to transfer fund is PayPal, so readers today our article is all about how we can Use PayPal in Pakistan or you can say in any country where it is banned.

Steps to Get PayPal Account Approved

paypal in pakistan

  • You have to get a Bank account not the Bank accounts in your country but an online bank account which receives US payment; PayPal is a US payment mode. Payoneer is the only online bank which accepts US payment, you have to sign up for the Payoneer Card just to get PayPal activated and use fully, Follow the link to Get your Payoneer Card: Payoneer Card Signup                                                          
  • Register yourself with all true and accurate information about you to get your Payoneer Debit/ATM card on your Door steps.                                                              
  • After Registering and confirming your Activation you will get an email from Payoneer Support with your Bank account information and other details keep them save which will help in activating PayPal.                                                                                                                       
  • Now Signup for PayPal, now here what you have to do is signup with an fake information but with Real name, you can find fake Information from here:

Make sure you provide everything fake except your Name.

  • After signing up go for the Activation now fill the information of Bank account in to PayPal that you got from Payoneer and verify PayPal.                                                         
  • Now wait for 2 days according to PayPal they will send two transaction to your Payoneer account for confirmation and you PayPal account will be activated in no time after the transaction.                                                                                      
  • Now you have successfully activated your PayPal Account and now you can use it to send and receive your Income or Pocket Money. 

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