A Complete Beginner's Guide To Blogging | How To start, Manage & Earn from Blog

A Complete Beginner's Guide To Blogging | How To start, Manage & Earn from Blog

A Golden opportunity 

Blogging is a wonderful opportunity to spread your message and make it available for the masses. Blogging is gaining recognition every new day mainly because people are now attracted towards it on different platform like Blogger , wordpress etc. It also has lucrative possibilities because of advertisements. However, there is a downside to its fame. It has become a field of tough completion; you have to be flawless to make yourself recognized. 

There is no room for errors, no chance of mistake and absolutely no scope of carelessness, if you are a new entrant to this field, there are certain things that would have to be kept in mind which would ensure your success and make your blog accepted.

What to do in Blogging?

If you are a latest addition in the field, it is easy to get lost and confused. You may not understand what to do and how to establish yourself. Here are few pointers which would guide you and make sure you stay on the correct path

·         Planning

It is not advisable to jump to blogging without planning it out first. Think of a good design and layout. Make proper plans as regard to what your blog would look like as presentation is very important. Planning means to organize the path of the Goal, if you are doing blogging then your Goal is such big and what you need in it is great plan and mentality. Planning should be easy on the eyes. It should be innovative as well original.

·         Type of content

Once you have prepared the layout, figure out what type of audience you want to cater to. This will reflect on your content and the way you depict it. Therefore it is beneficial to keep a target audience in mind which would help in deciding the type of content you want to spread via your blog, don’t just go for traffic, it is a part of blogging if you have good quality content it is no more difficult to capture the traffic either targeted.

·         Research

Never be hasty. Make sure you do proper research on every topic you write about. Ensure you have all the fact right before putting it out there. Because once you lose your credibility, it will be extremely difficult to win your audience back. So you have to be sure, there is absolutely no wrong information in your blog. Always cross check your findings

·         Focus on writing

After deciding your topic and doing the appropriate research, you must now write it in a way that does not compromise on quality. Give your thoughts in an interesting and innovative manner and refrain from being abusive or showing something in a bad light. Try to be as neutral as possible and state out facts that support your argument. 

Your way of writing should be simple and easy to understand in addition to being innovative. Do not forget to proofread.

·         Avoid duplication

Always take ideas from other blogs like what and how should content be? How I should make it quality and look creative as well, if you go through such blogs which have higher ranking in the field of blogging then go there read their content, go for relative keyword blog of yours check what is written and how? 

Check the template layout makes an idea from that and thing new innovative plan; this will make your experience count as well get you good result ahead.

·         Attractive title

Make sure you have a captivating title which attracts people to your blog. A title is your identity, which thoroughly defines what you are talking about, and what might also tell audience that is it helpful or not? Make your title creative and make it interesting so that reader could directly divert to your content and have a good read on it.

·         Social media

Make your blog popular. Advertise it at every available opportunity. Use the social media to your best advantage, introducing social media to your blog is very useful as it gains the reputation of your blog on social networks and Google likes it when there is some sort of good sharing on Social Bookmarks.

Success will come

Be Patient while you start to blog and do blogging, it takes time to make your blog on the Google results and make your name in it. Work hard on the quality and content of your blog, and before you know it, you blog will become the talk of town, 

yes so true if you go through quality content you will surely get into good contact with it. However, do not let success ride to your head, because sometimes it comes earlier then you’re thinking and sometimes it takes time that you can’t think, so be positive while doing blogging. It is hard to win over audience but is very easy to lose them. 

Once you have an established blog, do not stop paying attention to it, and never have blogging issues like:

    1-    I am too busy to post any content on the blog
    2-    I don’t have much time today
    3-    I am tired today so will do tomorrow
    4-    Today should be a holiday

These kind of reasoning will destroy all the efforts you have done on the blog even though you will also lose what traffic you are getting though, so it is required that you give the most time to it, once it is established perfectly then you can enjoy work and rest both.
Noman Ramzan

Noman Ramzan is a Security Researcher, SEO Expert, Penetration tester, Blogger, Google AdSense publisher and Social media marketing and well functional Web Developer.

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