Complete Guide to Google AdSense for Publisher

Complete Guide to Google AdSense for Publisher 

What is Google adsense?

An opportunity to earn much better income like extra income and to relay on your on content and writing Google adsense is the Advertisement company which allows one person to earn money on the basis of content. Google adsense is the most best in business as well the highest paying company.

Google AdSense for Publisher

Things to remember before applying for Google adsense

Starting blogging is not just equal to speak AB and C, but it is a work that not only a common man can do but an experienced employee can also do it, but the thing is that time and hard work so no common man can do it while he/she can. Well if you want to earn from Google adsense you should be aware of few things and must apply to your blog before applying to Adsense.

Steps to take:

·        Creativity

There are millions of People daily applying for adsense some of them get success in getting the adsense account and some are not able to get the account, the reason behind it is that your blog or website is not that much creative to Google policies, make your blog creative and have space for ads and content on it.

·        Focus on quality:
Quantity doesn’t make any sense while if you have a good amount of Quality content and creativity on your blog good space for ads and better view of Content.

·        Be unique
Buy any domain which is mirror to your Domain and have uniqueness on it.

·        Make it simple
For being creative as well innovative with your blog your blog must be simple in theme as said must have good space for content and ads, that shows your theme is simple and common to anyone, simple defines that your blog must contain at least good information and the view the blog shares information must be brilliant.

How to make good money via Google adsense

You have to be smart and creative to earn good money using Google adsense. There are many people who have Google adsense but not all of them make good earnings. The secret is to show good presence of mind and assess your market. There are certain keywords which gross the highest payment in Google adsense. Use these and you will be prosperous via your creative blogs and websites.

The highest paying keywords

There are certain keywords that earn higher than normal and also attract clicks. Using these key words greatly boosts the amount you can receive via Google adsense.

    1.     Insurance
Perhaps the top and highest keyword is that of insurance. It is the most clicked on ad and encourages the highest payment.

     2.     Loans
Loans also attract a satisfactory number of clicks this being because people are always on look out for good loan schemes and you provide them with the opportunity to view suitable and relevant ads.

     3.     Mortgages
This is another most used and paid keyword because of its popularity amongst the common people.

     4.     Attorneys
Good lawyers and attorneys are always difficult to find and people always tend to click on these ads. 

     5.     Charity
People are always on the lookout for good charity opportunities and want to know more and more of them.

     6.     Classes
There are all sorts of classes that people are interested in so that is always a good keyword

     7.     Repair
Everyone needs to have something repaired now and then so they nearly always click on this keyword.

     8.     Software
In this modern world, new software’s are constantly being developed and people want to know more and more about them

     9.     Recovery
You always tend to keep missing your things and look for recovery options by various people in the hope that your object is found.

    10.     Gas and Electricity
A common and necessary part of life always tends to attract viewers.

Google AdSense for Publisher

The road might be difficult but it is not impossible to reach there. They have made some firm rules but you can get yourself registered and get a genuine adsense account if you are willing to work hard for it and earn money.

·        The first step is to create a Gmail account. Without it, it is not possible to have a genuine adsense account

·        Next step is to surf all your energy in making the best blog you can. Don’t spare any thoughts. Use all your creativity, imagination and innovation to make the most interesting and unique blog. Do not compromise on the content.

·        Once you have made a good blog, start adding worthwhile content to it. Do not be callous about this. You must have an excellent content which must be of suitable length and has to be original.

·        After you have the blog ready, work hard to attract viewers. Use social media or whatever means you have. Spread the word. Let your blog appeal to the masses
·        As soon as you have established a regular and decent traffic, apply for a genuine adsense account. You will not be rejected

·        Give all your details on the form and if you have met the criteria, you will receive an acceptance e-mail in no time at all

Why the need for alternative?

Undoubtly Google Adsense is the best in business but there are some situations where a person doesn’t want to adjust itself to Google adsense that are its new policies about some countries as well some policies which don’t let any adsense account be on for long time. So there are alternatives which are now launched to fulfill the requirement of the bloggers but as said earlier Google adsense is the best in business.

There is various numbers of alternatives to choose from

·        Tribal fusion
It is a good alternative to Google Adsense but it is also having some sort of strict policies and limits which includes the limited or can be said the estimated traffic to come to the blog to be enabled with Tribal fusion Ads.

·        Exit junction
It is a flexible way of earning money online like adsense but there are conditions to earn more while if you are getting a great number of clicks and traffic.

It all depends on traffic and clicks, while it pays the best in Advertisement companies like Google adsense as well it doesn’t have strict policies but it all depends on traffic.

·        Yahoo! Bing network
It needs Good number of traffic and content it has low cpc but good alternative to Adsense.

·        Infolinks
There is no strict policies it shows ads on side bar and on the phrase on the blog and pays on the clicks and traffic with huge amount because it has a low CPC.

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