How to Get Rid of Google Panda Effect

How to get rid of Google Panda effect

What is Google panda?

Google panda is an innovation from Google in order to filter out the sites which are not up to the mark and fail in the department of content and quality. It decides which sites are qualified to be in the top position in the search engine based entirely on content and quality. Thus, 

Google Panda

it has resulted in removal of many sites and a drastic drop in a number of businesses. It is a domain level penalty and thus must be taken seriously.

How to save yourself from the backlash?

One does wonder how to survive in the though world of blogging. There was already an issue of tough competition, but now the problem of Google Panda effect has been added to it. There are certain measures which must be taken to ensure your survival.

·         Quality

This is the most important aspect. As Google panda affects the sites or blogs that have sub standard quality, you need to make sure you are not one of them. Never compromise on quality. This is your foundation. Do not be callous about it. Always pay meticulous attention to detain.

·         Content

You cannot hope to fool Google Panda. Each and every content must be up to the scratch. You cannot disguise bad contents or hide them behind some good ones. All your blogs must have some very good content about them to support them.

·         Use of keywords

Keywords ensure that there is targeted search about your content. This will lead to a selected audience who are interested in your work and content and will lead to increase in your ranking and popularity. However do not clutter your blog with keywords.

·         Avoid duplication

Refrain from too lengthy or duplicated stuff. This never works in your favor as this leads to losing of audience and drop in your ranking.

Google Panda 2017

·         Refrain from too many advertisements

Money making in the form of advertisements is an interesting opportunity in the field of blogging and sites. However, sometimes we end up getting carried away and this leads to more harm than good.

·         Marketing

Advertise your blog in every available scope. Don’t hesitate from using the social media to your complete advantage. Spread the word so that more people are attracted to your blog.

·         Remove spamming

Spamming or unwanted comments have a poor reflect on the monitoring of your website so make sure you keep a close eye on this matter.

·         Encourage discussions

Healthy and creative discussions are always beneficial and increase your popularity to no end

Do not leave any loop holes.

If you want to successfully thwart Google Panda and all your competitors, you need to pay attention to all the details. Google panda does not forgive. So do not be careless. Work hard on every aspect and monitor your site carefully.

 Do not take anything likely. If you cover all the aspects, you will never be affected by Google Panda and your blog will reign. However it all comes down to quality and content. There importance cannot be emphasized enough.

Noman Ramzan

Noman Ramzan is a Security Researcher, SEO Expert, Penetration tester, Blogger, Google AdSense publisher and Social media marketing and well functional Web Developer.

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