Update from Google Adsense Hosted account to Genuine account

Update from Google Adsense Hosted account to Genuine account

A Genuine account sounds more promising to any of the publisher, who also wants to make some money. This will not be an issue for the publisher whose website has the regular traffic and that way he can generate some money as well. This is the reason that now Google adsense hosted account holders goes to the Google adsense genuine account. With the right content, videos, attractive feature on the website, there is no doubt that people will visit the website and you will be able to generate revenue out of it.

Google Adsense Hosted account to Genuine

A bad thing that happened to the new users is that, the Google has now strict its policies due to which it has become a bit hard for the new users to get the Genuine account. It happened because of the abuse of the genuine account. But by following some tricks, you can update your Google Adsense hosted account to the Google Adsense genuine one, for sure.

Before going for the steps, it is important to know the difference between two of these accounts.

Hosted Account:

This is the account that is made on the sites like BlogSpot or YouTube. If you have an account on these sites then you cannot use them for making money. It is important to convert them into the normal accounts. Also you cannot use this hosted account to any other domain name.

Under this hosted account, you cannot show its ads to any other site.
It sounds difficult, but if you want to make some money, you can do it by filling out a form and submitting an application, Google will let you have a genuine account.

How to get a Genuine Account:

Step 1:

Without having a Gmail account, it is not possible to have the registration done by the Google. By signing up and registering to the new account with the www.gmail.com.  Fill in your original personal detail. The account will be created. After that, you can apply for your genuine account along with the website address. If you do not have the website then does make one.

Step 2:

Attract the audience by working on your website or blog. Create interesting content on it. The more the content is attractive, the more traffic will be attracted towards  it.
For attracting the visitors, the following methods could be applied:

  • -          Add new and innovative content on the website.
  • -          Update your website daily.
  • -          Use other social means to advertise your webpage or blog.

Google Adsense Hosted account to Genuine

Step 3:

When your blog or website will have the noticeable traffic and the reliable number of posts, every day. You can apply for the genuine account.

Step 4:

If you are meeting with all the above steps then now you can easily apply for the             genuine account. These are the requirements, while applying for the genuine account. You can get it by filing out the following information on the Adsense.com website:

  • -          Choose wisely and write your right payee name.
  • -          Write up your important personal details as per asked on the form.
  • -          Now, apply for the new genuine account.

After all these, you will receive the confirmation email from Google, which will take at least 7 hours. It will inform you that now your genuine account has been created.

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