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What is Google Hummingbird and it's Effects

Newest Algorithm for webmasters

Google has recently announced the release of its new Search Algorithm called Hummingbird.It is predicted that this will be a huge change. Humming bird will be a new search algorithm altogether which might make some bloggers worried as there might be drop in traffic.

The thing that bloggers are worried about is that all the previous SEO work they have done will be wasted as this new search algorithm might ask for other strategies. I would like to inform these bloggers that Google will still maintains the same quality and guidelines but only thing that will change will be the working method.

Effect Have On Search Results

Google has announced that the Hummingbird algorithm will be responsible for affecting over 90% search results. This means that almost all search results will be affected by the Google’s new search algorithm, so you can very well understand that this is not just an update to the Google Search Algorithm only, but a whole new one.

Will Hummingbird Affect Your Blog?

As I said earlier, the same quality guidelines which are set up by Google will remain intact, so if you have not been dwelling inany blackhat, then your blog will be safe according to me.If you have not noticed any drop in blog traffic by now, then you can be sure that your blog has not been affected much.

Release Date of Hummingbird?

Although Google  has only officially announced that Hummingbird algorithm  has changed in the last couple of days but they say that the algorithm had been in place for over a month now, which is why I advised earlier that if your blog has not been affected by now, then you are most probably safe, for now.

Will There Be No More PageRank Updates?

Google has informed that PageRank is still part of the algorithm. So there is no point discussing PageRank being cancelled.

Difference between Hummingbird, Pandaand Penguin Updates

Panda and Penguin act as slice of a pie, whereas the Hummingbird is like a whole pie. Panda and Penguin are small Google search algorithm updates which affect less than 5% of all search results, while Hummingbird is a new algorithm that affects over 90% of the all search results.

Panda And Penguin Updates Will End?

No. As I explained above, we will still be seeing Panda and Penguin updates in the main algorithm as they make small andnecessary changes in order to make the main algorithm better,so it produces better search results.


google new algorithm is newely for webmasters

So this is all important information you need to know about Hummingbird algorithm, if there is something more you need to know you can search the internet. Google is always trying to improve the SEO experience for its users thus coming up with new updates and algorithms at regular intervals. I believe that Hummingbird Algorithm will be beneficial update for blogs and websites.We should always try to except changes with open hands rather than being speculative about everything. 
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