How to check if a Website is Down Just for you or everyone

How to check if a Website is Down Just for you or everyone

What happens sometimes is that some websites do not get opened in our browsers. And this is mostly happen with the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, etc. But the question arises here is whether that particular website has just been closed for you or for everyone?

 Website is Down or up

So the real question or confusion is whether the site you are trying to open is just closed for you or for everyone?

So to find the solution of this question, there are some online techniques or tools which can be used to check whether the site is down for you or for everyone. Some of techniques will be discussed in this article.

       1.      Visit IsItDownRightNow.COM

Ø  You just have to visit
Ø  Just copy paste the URL of the website to the check box and click the search button.
Ø  After that it will show you a message which will tell you the whether the website is up or down.
        2.      Checks website down for me or everyone

Ø  Another tool here will tell you that the website is just closed for you or everyone.

Determines the up time of some commonly used websites:

Another useful tool is being introduced to you who keep on checking that the website is up or down by just visiting All the information regarding data of the popular and famous websites like Facebook, Blogger and Twitter has been gathered on this website and it also checks the maintenance downtime for any of these websites.


So what we infer from the above details is that the suggested websites are used to let you know that either the website is just down for you or everyone. Moreover, it has the data of uptime and downtime of the busy websites. If it has been down just for you then it means that your browser is having some kind of issue or it might be the problem of your ISP (Internet Service Provider). 

Website is Down or up

You may also confirm by checking that the site you are trying to open is blocked by you. There are other sites too for this purpose but the above discussed are the best ones so if you still have any doubts, mention them in your comments.
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