How to check If A Website Is Reliable or Not

How to check If A Website Is Reliable or Not

It is a matter of interest for a common man that which websites are reliable and which should be dealt from a distance. It becomes even more sensitive when it comes to websites related to online shopping, best deals, online money making, jobs and discount offers too good to be true. No doubt one must not label a site unreliable, scam or fraudulent just by  viewing it, however there are certain ways one can, most of the times, tell whether a site is safe to encounter or it is unreliable.

Website Is Reliable or Not

Along with shopping sites there are also few sites which doesn’t give you accurate information which you want, like you searching for anything and you are redirected to another website just because of relative keywords. 

There are many sites which have fake content and fake or copied meta description or you can say Keywords to just redirect the traffic, while analyzing this issue for others as well mine I have gathered an enlist of these knowledgeable tips to be secure from these website and save money or time.

Here, I am enlisting few of the helpful tips for you to use while judging the reliability of a website.

1.    Web of Trust (WOT)

This is an easy to handle tool and comes in handy for judging the reliability of a website. Admin of the tool gathers feedback from users all over the world and keeps a good record. Users can download a WOT extension for the browser they use like Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. The tool is highly integrated into the browser and is very quick to give information about the website as soon you get the search results.

You can easily download extension for your browser by visiting and start using this.

I want to show a snapshot for better elaboration that how this extension helps you judging the reliability of a website.

*      When there is Green the site is totally reliable.        
*      Yellow indicated a spam or doubtful site.
*      Red is a scam site, you must not rely on.
*      A question mark says the site has not been rated; you can play your role here.

Website Is Reliable or Not

So this tool can be helpful and at any time you can check if some site is reliable or not and you should deal with them or not.  I must tell you one thing from my personal experience that WOT is reliable and accurate most of the time but when it comes to new sites where there have not been much votes by the users and reliability of the site is not well established the information provided by WOT  can be compromised.

2.    Site Design

This point of common sense states a reliable trustworthy site mostly will have a smooth, clean and clutter free design and a site with lots of mess and inappropriate formatting is definitely telling you to stay at a distance. Well there are many ppc sites available on the Internet but most of them are scam and 35% of the websites are just truly paying, people judge on the basis of its structure but that isn’t it all because this can be done for any blog or website. Try to check the Structure which shows the uniqueness.

3.    Admins and Authors

A site which is rooted back to a well-known organization, established admin and mentioned authors is usually reliable as compared to a site which is managed anonymously. It is possible that a site which is maintained anonymously is at the same time not a scam or spam and reliable but most of the times if a site is managed by anonymous admin and much of the information is not mentioned there is something fishy and you must stay out of the scene in such cases.

4.    Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is another useful criterion for judging the reliability of a website. Alexa is owned by Amazon and they rank all the websites based upon multiple factors and ranking is very important to know if a website is trustworthy. Alexa ranks the blog/website on the basis or impressions/traffic the blog/website gains with particular time, so it is the better way to check the website is reliable or not as well it indicates the site in which the current site is linked.

 There are other rankings to serve the purpose but Alexa leads the rest. They monitor everything including traffic. Principle for using Alexa ranking is; The Lesser the Better.

5.    Google Page Rank

Page Rank is another good criterion for you to check whether a site is trustable or not. This is something totally different from Alexa ranking.  It is ranking from 0 to 10, the higher the better. While don’t make such decisions on the behalf of checking the Page Rank because there are many hidden tips though which a webmaster can easily rank their Page Rank from 0 to 1 and  0 to 5 and further, so try not to check directly from Page Rank checker but also go through the more steps which discussed above.

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