How to do a perfect Keyword searching for a Blog

Perfect keyword Searching for a Blog

search better keyword to trafficThe first question that comes to mind is that are you interested in bringing traffic to every blog post you write? The answer to this question will be an obvious yes. I have seen many bloggers, especially  some new ones writing good content filled blog posts on their blogs, which according to me is the first thing to do when you are working on SEO for your blog, but you are not optimizing the blog for keywords. To put it in simple words, some bloggers don’t do keyword research. Doing keyword research before you write a blog post will help you in gaining more search traffic from Google. If you have good content on your blog, then you should also work on good keyword research. Your blog posts can attract 50% more traffic from Google search as well as other search engines by doing so.

What Is Keyword Research?

For example if you want to write a blog post about the topic How to build a bird house, then you must be knowing excellent ways to build a good and attractive bird house but what you do not know is what  terms people search for when they want to learn how to build a bird house. So you need to do keyword research before each and every article and blog post that you write because by doing so you can maximize incoming search terms by knowing and thus including search terms that people are likely to search for. Think of the different things that people will search for when you write your blog post or article, for example  while writing this article I was thinking about other terms that can be used to search for this article.

  • ·             Keyword research for blogs
  • ·         Keyword research before writing article
  • ·         To add proper keywords to blog post
  • ·         Adding search keywords to articles

These were the terms that came to my mind. I hope you understand what I was talking about earlier.

Keyword Research for a Blog Post

how to Keyword searchingThe first thing you can do is what I just talked earlier in this article, just wear your thinking cap and think of the things that you will search for if you were looking to find the information you are writing about. There is another more useful and powerful tool which is provided by Google and it is called Keyword Research Tool. You can find this tool from internet and then use to gain advantage of the tool provided by Google.

Type of Keyword Research Can You Do With Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword tool which is provided by Google is for Adwords publishers to see CPC and number of searches which a certain keyword or phrase gets in Google search every month as well as every year. It was not meant for bloggers and webmasters but it is very useful to us as well.

If you follow the tips I have shared in this article there is no doubt you can write SEO optimized articles which can attract huge traffic your blogs and websites.
Noman Ramzan

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