Tips to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

  Tips to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Google Adsense is a top advertisement program forBloggers. In this article you will learn some basic and advance tips to Increase Google Adsense revenue. There are many tips that are basic but very effective. I would like to suggest while placing your ads, make sure you don’t violate Adsense policies .Don’t place ads in a way, that they make users click on them .Never ask someone to click on your  ads.Google AdSense’s interface has some easy to use features, which will help you boost your revenue.

Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Tips to Increase Adsense revenue

It’s a common saying that traffic is directly proportional to money in Blogging, but it’s not true as far as Adsense advertising is concerned. There are many factors which affect Google Adsense income. This includes ad placement, traffic source, Ad type and Adsense CPC. While doing keyword research, you should keep an eye on CPC column. High CCP is better for Adsense publisher. You should be targeting high CPC word keyword and clicks on such ads will be higher. You can use tool like SEMRUSH in order to find profitable keywords. One thing I don’t like about Adsense is that it is Interest based advertising. I will share some simple and advance ways to increase Google Adsense income.

Size and Location:

This is the most common factor for obtaining low and high CTR. You should put Adsense ads around content above the fold; blend the ad with your site’s design .The fold ads perform better than below the ad fold. Normally bloggers ignore link based ads. Link based ads are different from banner ads and they don’t decrease the CTR of main ads, if used properly. You should prefer to keep them on the header navbar. You should keep Adsense heatmap in your mind when designing a website for Adsense income. You can easily create an adsense optimized themes and design for your site.

Here are some of the Adsense sizes, which work the best
336 * 280
in Adsense world size  will matter.

Organic Traffic

Adsense ads perform their best when your traffic source is from some search engine. Interest based ads don’t perform great if you are getting direct traffic. People often complain about low CPC and low Google Adsense income despite putting millions of impression each month. This mostly has to do with CPC and traffic source.  You should target traffic from countries like U.S.A, U.K by doing so you will end up getting high CPC. You can always learn about On page SEO optimization techniques, which are very helpful.

Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Google Adsense for search and feeds

Google Adsense offers different ways to monetize your site bloggers usually ignore Ads for feeds and Adsense for search. Adsense for feeds lets you add adsense ads in feed. If circulation of feed is high, you will end up making good money. Adsense for search helps you monetize and help in user navigation.

Google Adsense section targeting

Adsense can be called contextual ad network which works based on the content of the page. Now that can include header and footer part because of this ads shown with your article might be irrelevant. Adsense section targeting is a technique for adding two line codes before and after the content and the ad will be targeted to the content. It is a myth of Adsense, that image ads work more. By blocking ad type or ad category, you end up decrease the competition on your ad. This results in decreases the eCPM of ads. Use both the ad types.

Ads between Posts

If you want to monetize a dead site and increase adsense revenue, this works great. You can easily configure adsense ads in order to match with page background and color, add 468*60 or text link ads in between posts. You can add 7-10px padding so that you are not giving bad reading experience to your readers.

Placement targeting

This is one tip which many blogger don’t know. When you create a channel, you get an option to add details about your ad type and put it in the market for auction by opting for placement targeting. This increases competition and ad value of your site goes up. To enable this option for custom channel, you have to apply it manually. In order to enable placement targeting on your existing channel, you have to login to your Adsense account > My ads > Custom > Custom Channels. Then click on any name and a screen will pop up. Add details and put a tick mark on placement targeting.

Google Adsense Blacklist URL’s

There are many advertise sites which pay less per click. There was a site for getting the Adsense ad black list, but if you have a list of your own then you know about sites which perform really bad, you can block that advertiser’s URL. This includes blocking your competitor ads to display on your site.

Google Adsense Category blocking

 In adsense interface, category blocking feature is very easy to use. You can see which category of ad is performing badly and then you can block those categories. This feature can also be configured by your Allow and block ads page.

Google Adsense for Youtube

If you are a video publisher or you upload videos on Youtube, you can monetize copyright video by using Youtube publisher program. It depends on traffic on your Youtube videos .These days’ adsense for Youtube makes almost $40-45 per month.

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