Top ways to Make Money Online With Different Methods-2017

How To Make Money Online With Different Method

This article was composed for students in a college and it covers much of the information that is needed for someone to start earning money from internet by doing jobs online. Actually, Making Money Online is getting popular every day and the percentage of population wanting to know about it is also increasing day by day. 

ways to make money online

In this article, I have covered most of the information that a beginner needs to start online money making. Information includes but not limited to the potential online money making carries for us, various ways that can be reliably used to make money online and what we need to have to be an online businessman or an entrepreneur for a long time.
So, let’s start this from the very beginning.

 Why make money online?

                i.    Jobs are very scarce these days.
                ii.   Online earning gives you an extra support to solve ever growing financial                           problems.
               iii.    Everyone has some desires which need some extra money to fulfill which is                       possible through online money making.

 Advantages in online money making

              i.            You can do it independently, without any boss.
             ii.            You can do it at any time without any limitations of time.
            iii.            You can do it from anywhere in the world.
     i       v.            You can earn as much as you need, there is no limit.

Why is it easier to start earning online today?

           i.        Internet users have doubled in the last 3 years and increasing even more.
          ii.        Most of the world’s offline business is being transferred to online trade.
          iii.       The Internet has become an infinite source to get information free of cost.
           iv.       ¾ of the mobile phone users regularly use internet on cellphones.
            Now I come to the most reliable and most popular ways of making money online               and in this article, I will describe 4 different ways.

1.     Make Money by Blogging

In this method, one creates a website or a blog and publishes ads from Google AdSense, infolinks or Chitika or BuySellAds. This costs you 50$ a year and for  starting this you need to learn;

       ·         Web designing
       ·         Search Engine Optimization, SEO  
       ·         Social Media and Marketing tools

ways to get money online

2.     Make Money by Online Business

In this method, one sells products or goods or offers services. This costs you 50$ a year and for starting you follow these steps;

          ·          Buy web hosting.
          ·         Get a domain name.
          ·         Design website.
          ·         Do SEO.
·         Use social media to make it popular on the internet.

Make money online free

3.     Make Money by Affiliate Marketing

In this method, one sells products or goods or offers services of a person or company and gets a 30-50% commission. This method costs you nothing and to start follow these steps;

     ·         Design a website or free blog.
     ·         Build audience.
     ·         Join affiliate marketing websites like,,
     ·         Get their banners and publish them on your website.
     ·         Use social media to attract people and convince customers to buy those deals                    which you are selling.

4.     Make Money by Freelancing

With this method you get projects from freelancing websites, complete them and get paid for them. This costs you nothing and what you need to start is;
  •      Specific skills in any field like web designing, SEO, article writing, Graphic         designing or any other.
  • You must be an expert in the field you chose to complete projects and get paid successfully.
  • You can start working by joining,, or

Final Tips and Summary:

  • You can easily earn lots of money by four consistent ways, Blogging blogger, Online Business, Affiliate marketing and freelancing but with it to be passionate in you need to have patience and skills to make it easy for  yourself.                                                            
  • You should do the hard work and wait patiently for at least 6 months yes it is long time but if you want to earn a good income as a backup plane than this is must for you to do either there is no chance of anything except the failure.                             
  • In start you need to be more helping towards people to build a regular audience, building audience isn’t easy as counting 123 and go, but you need time to understand how to do like it resents the actual work of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this is most important.                                                                                                          
  • Start from small jobs and projects.                                                                                 
  • After 6 months, the world is all yours.                                                                     
  • I would recommended when you start blogging never think that you are doing it for money earning but do it for consumers, here consumers are the readers which read your article or see your content and for that you need to have patience time, quality plus Quantity hard work and such skills to develop traffic to your blog so don’t do it for money 1st make it for your consumers, then consumers will help you earn money in no time.

Noman Ramzan

Noman Ramzan is a Security Researcher, SEO Expert, Penetration tester, Blogger, Google AdSense publisher and Social media marketing and well functional Web Developer.


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