Why Comment Luv Important for WordPress & Blogger Backlinks

Reasons Why I Love Comment Luv for WordPress

Recently some of the top bloggers have removed Comment Luv from their blogs, due to reasons not yet disclosed. I have seen several top notch blogs removing comment luv all of a sudden during these days. So I researched and asked around different people and found few stuff about why some bloggers were reluctant about using Comment Luv.

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Here are some of the reasons I understood
1.     ·         It attract spam commenters
2.     ·         A large number of Dofollow links are generated from each page
3.     ·         It reduces Google PageRank
4.     ·         When people click on some comluv links, they end up leaving your site
5.     ·         It does not good social integration

I don’t think it takes a genius person to realize that commentluv plugin brings more comments, more than any other comment plugin can because of the Dofollow links feature it contains. I have seen a 50% increase in traffic from the time I was not using Comment Luv to the time when I started using CommentLuv.  A clear sign to prove that Comment Luv generates more comments. You cannot achieve it with any other comments plugins like Google+ or Facebook integration. Even Disqus is not able to compete with that.

More and More Traffic

Comment Luv has the capacity to bring more traffic. There are many bloggers around who regularly visit blogs in order to leave comments in the Comment Luv section. Well this is not a good practice, but people reading your blog posts and provide good feedback on them, so it’s a win situation. Google looks for more interaction as a part of its own algorithm, so they can rank best and most interactive blog posts on the top of the Google search index.

Cool Anti-Spam Features

Comment Luv provides very decent anti-spam features. I know that Andy Bailey of Comment Luv is busy preparing new codes for better anti-spam protection and integration with Comment Luv. Latest version will also have warning messages for people who are trying to comment without a gravatar. So these features should help Comment Luv become better. Once these features are applied, the spam in Comment Luv will reduce more.

CommentLuv Increases Social Shares

Comment Luv premium provides features to guests like choosing from last 10 posts they have published in order to use in the comluv link, but it makes them share those with Twitter, Google+ or Facebook, before providing them with this option. This ensures that your blog posts go viral on internet and result in bringing in even more traffic to every blog post that you write. This process can help in increasing Social followers on Twitter and Facebook.

comment luv for blogger

Readers Love Comment Luv

Readers are everything for a blog, so if readers like CommentLuv, then there should be no better reason for you to use it. Readers leave comments in a stylish space and get a Dofollow link back to their site, so it’s not a big secret that readers love to comment on CommentLuv. A blog will run when the readers like it, so CommentLuv is helpful for you in going a long way and make people like your blog.

I Love To Comment with Comment Luv

Being a blogger, I comment a lot but it is an added initiative when some blog has CommentLuv installed. This means that I am able to get a Dofollow backlink in order to share my thoughts with blog owners and other readers. So these were the reasons why I love Comment Luv.