Spotify is arguably the popular streaming service in the world with millions of songs and a massive library of podcasts. It allows its users to stream the songs for free but also offers a Premium version which includes some additional features. With other streaming services upgrading themselves, like Apple Music introducing its Spatial and lossless audio for free in June, it has gained a competitive edge over Spotify Music. Although Spotify HiFi is expected to soon launch. If you don’t have a Spotify Premium, you might be wondering if it’s worth paying the premium fee or if you keep a free Spotify account and spend your money towards a different streaming service.

We are going to breakdown and compare Spotify Free and Spotify Premium so you can see what you can on both tiers.

Spotify premium vs spotify

Get the ultimate listening experience with Spotify Premium

There is a massive difference in functionality of Spotify Premium and Spotify Free

Even if the look of Spotify Free and Spotify Premium looks similar, there are far too many differences in their functionality specially with the Spotify mobile app.


One of the major drawbacks of the Free Spotify on mobile app is the less control of your tunes. It allows you to select any album or playlist and shuffle the songs in it but you cannot select a specific song for playback. Instead, you have to rely on a random selection order. With the premium version, you can listen to a song you like over and over again without having to endure the pain of sitting through the entire album or playlist to get to that song again.

Spotify premium vs spotify free

Spotify curated playlists made specially for you

The mobile version of Free Spotify allows you to only skip 6 tracks per hour which is a real inconvenience. Premium users have the privilege to skip unlimited tracks. However, there are exceptions. Spotify allows unlimited song skips, even for Free Spotify, if you are listening from 15 Spotify-curated playlists like ‘Daily Mix’, ‘Release Radar’ and other playlists that are tailored according to your listening preferences.

Offline Listening with Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium allows you to download unlimited number of songs for offline listening. This is a great feature for when you don’t have Wi-Fi or a data connection. Sadly, the users who don’t pay to use Spotify are not allowed to save songs to their devices which serves as a big disadvantage to those who don’t want to run out their cellular data or find themselves with no Wi-Fi.

Annoying Ads with Spotify Free

Ads are arguably the most annoying and worst thing about the Free Spotify. That goes for both the visual ads you see when you are scrolling through the app or the ads that play between the songs on Spotify Free.

The ads in between songs are enough to test your patience and tolerance. Most of the ads have a loud, noisy background and an irritating overlaid voice advertising you to buy the Premium account and will make you think of getting it just for the sake of removing them. Whoever designed those ads should get a raise because they do drive many people to buy Premium.

Discovery Features

Free Spotify premium

Playlists based on your taste updated every Monday

Music is made to be heard. Spotify is great at promoting new music based on your personal taste. It uses an algorithm to produce playlists that are designed according to the music style that align with your listening history.

The ‘Discover Weekly’ and ‘Daily Mix’ playlists are updated frequently with new suggestions. If there is a certain artist or song you do not like, you can also block it from your profile. The playlist ‘Release Radar’ shows you new releases from the artists you follow.

One of the best things about Spotify is this feature is on both Free and Premium versions of Spotify. It also comes with a large diversity of genres, moods and other various categories which are found in the browse tab.

Collaborative playlists spotify

Browse playlist that fits your mood or discover new music

Collaborative Playlists

Collaborative Playlists are a great feature to enjoy with your friends. Whether you are playing music for a party with friends, planning a road trip or just want to enjoy music with your friends, collaborative playlist got you covered in the music department.

Learn how to make collaborative playlists.

 High Sound Quality with Spotify Premium

You might appreciate Spotify Premium for its higher quality audio option if you are a true appreciator of music or you are using a good pair of headphones. Premium allows you to stream music at 320 kpbs bitrate. Comparatively, Free Spotify streams music at 160 kpbs on the mobile app but that drops to 128 kbps on the Spotify’s desktop app.

 How much does Spotify cost in Pakistan?

Spotify offers 4 types of Premium Subscription and some of them comes with great deals, although the deals are usually not applicable if you already are subscribed to Spotify previously.



Rs. 299/month

1 account only



ü Ad-free music

ü Offline playing

ü On-demand playback

Rs. 390/month

2 accounts



ü Ad-free music

ü Offline playing

ü On-demand playback

ü Duo Mix – a playlist for two consisting of music you both enjoy



Rs. 390/month

6 accounts



ü Ad-free music

ü Offline playing

ü On-demand playback

ü Family Mix – a playlist for your family consisting of music you all enjoy


Rs. 149/month

1 account only



ü Special discount for university

ü Ad-free music

ü Offline playing

ü On-demand playback


Social Features

Spotify encourages you to share music with your friends. Gone are the days of putting music on cassettes and DVDs and giving it to your friends to listen. Spotify lets you create links to share it with your friends on different social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This feature is identical whether you are using the free or premium Spotify.

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify premium free spotify

Credit: Spotify 

At the end of the year, Spotify unveils its ‘Spotify Wrapped’ feature whether you are a free user or a premium one. It is something that almost all users look forward to. Spotify Wrapped shows your statistics for the year on the app. The statistic is not only limited to just the songs but it also includes how many minutes you spent on listening to music over the year, the countries of all the artists you listened to, your most listened-to podcasts as well as your most favourite genre. In 2019, Spotify had a Spotify Wrapped for the whole decade.

Which one is better – Spotify Premium or Spotify Free

Spotify Premium is a clear winner. It offers a lot more than Spotify free that too for a cheap price, especially if you are a student or if you buy the Duo or Family package but if you’re still reluctant to buy, it offers month long trials of Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I search songs using lyrics?

Yes. If you type the lyrics of the song on the search bar, the song and the artist of the song will show up.

Can downloaded songs will still be accessible for offline use after I stop my premium subscription?

No. This feature is only available for premium users and only active premium users can access downloaded songs for offline streaming.

Does Spotify Premium offer free premium accounts for first time users?

Yes. Spotify offers 1-month free trial of their Duo, Family and Student premium accounts while they give 3 months of free trial for the individual account (This offer expires on 22nd June 2021).

The offers are only applicable for those who hasn’t tried premium yet

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